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Reduce Guesswork in Real Estate - Property Potential Analysis

When the real estate market is booming, buyers can't be as picky, because of competition, and/or don't need to be, because of rapidly escalating prices. When the market is down, the opposite is the case. When the market is "in transition," it makes transactions unclear for everyone, as no one is sure what to ask or what to pay - the "transitional" market is the most difficult for both buyers and sellers. What an uncertain real estate market needs is more "certainty."

While we don't consider ourselves real estate market forecasters, at Remodel Guidance we evaluate property potential for virtually every project we undertake. We do this from both a regulatory and a "value added" perspective to determine for our clients what is feasible and what is most valuable for the specific property. This information informs our discussions with clients on what the project ultimately becomes. We've been providing this service to clients since our inception and are now offering a similar new service customized for the real estate market - the "Property Potential Analysis."

At it's essence, a Property Potential Analysis (PPA) is an additional report on a property, a bit like a Real Estate Inspection. Unlike a Real Estate inspection, however, which is often used to pinpoint and/or highlight problems and flaws in a property, a PPA is positively focused on the potential of a property for possible renovation and/or expansion. In addition to a clear summary of the zoning regulations specific to the property and quantified expansion possibilities, a PPA offers our professional insight into how the property might best be enhanced and what sorts of projects might be more easily approved, along with strategy to do so.

The Property Potential Analysis is available to both property buyers, to aid in pre-purchase evaluation, and to sellers, to highlight the potential of the property in a way that was previously impractical. The report is thorough, but concise and easy to read - a perfect "takeaway" for open house browsers. For buyers, sellers and agents who are unsatisfied with the vagaries on current listings such as "Potential for expansion - check with City," or "May be able to expand with permission from Planning," the PPA is a perfect solution.

The Property Potential Analysis is available for single family homes throughout the Bay Area and delivered within 5 business days. The cost is $245. To assist sellers, and sellers' agents, the seller's report can be paid for in escrow, rather than at delivery. The fee for a seller's report paid in escrow is $295. For more details, visit this link:

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