Project Report, Spring 2008:
What a Difference a Few Months Make - A San Rafael Addition Framed In

Editor's Note: It was a slow Winter for the local construction industry, perhaps fueled by concerns about the economy in general and the real estate market in particular. Nonetheless, things have picked up this Spring in both construction and sales and it is our busiest season to date, with four completed designs under construction simultaneously! We'll look at these projects in more detail as they are completed and extend wishes for happiness, success and prosperity to our clients, readers, business associates and colleagues.

We're checking in on our big project of the Winter for one last time before we tour the finished product. Back in September of 2007 (see "Looking Good - A San Rafael Addition is 'Out of the Ground'," RGCC September 2007) the Radachy's foundation had been poured. They had to race against time and weather, but got the walls up and roof on before the rains came in. Now, as Spring is in the air, the outside (sans stucco, paint and deck) is ready, the rough plumbing and wiring are complete and the drywall is almost finished. Excitement is building as they order cabinets and light fixtures and plan their home theater/playroom below and great room/covered porch above. Their son's bedroom got a major enhancement too, with a new vaulted ceiling and sleeping loft, purportedly complete with a firepole! The 1200 SQ FT addition will almost double the size of their current home.

For now, that's all we'll say, and we'll let the pictures do the talking:

The House Before

The Finished Product

The Back of the House Before

...and Now

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